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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Composer incompatibility with zsh

Wondering if anyone has come across this before; I've done a fair bit of searching, but haven't found anything. I’m trying to make a signed package for Jamf Connect Notify with a cert made against the Jamf CA (need to shoot off a support ticket for t...  View more

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Xcreds Package - preinstall and postinstall errors

I am experiencing installation errors when installing my Xcreds package with the following pre & post install scripts. The app installation does actually succeed, but the installer still throws the "Installer encountered an error that caused the inst...  View more

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Composer Hanging on second snapshot

I had been using Composer 10.28 successfully for the last month or so, but today it started hanging on the second snapshot. I started getting an error message that reads "Couldn't communicate with a helper application". I upgraded to 10.29.2, I chang...  View more

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Composer failing on .pkg files

I have been fighting composer for a couple of days and what's odd, composer works with .dmg files. I can create .dmg files, but if I choose to create a .pkg file, it fails. Further, if I try and take an existing, working .pkg file into composer and a...  View more

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Zero-Touch Deployment

Hello,I am currently working in a school that uses 900+ iPads and 300+ MacBooks and wanted to ask if anyone has used or is currently using Zero-Touch Deployment in their institutions? Every Academic year, we collect all the devices for wiping and rei...  View more

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Deploy Wallpaper to M1 Macs

I've been trying to distribute backgrounds to the M1 Macs for days. but unfortunately these M1s behave completely opposite to the Intels. Log says "Completed" but on the M1 is only a blue background instead of the distributed background. all Intel Ma...  View more

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Application Installation Choice

Most of our employees are working from home with varying internet connection speeds. There are applications that are required and there are applications that are optional. Is there a way to give users a choice of those optional applications with a ni...  View more

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Packaging Maya 2022

Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has had success in packaging Maya 2022 with a non-network server license key, which our institution is able to put on 1200 machines. I tried referencing this post, but havent been able to successfully deploy the progra...  View more

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Install Follow Me Printer

Hello everybodey,In our company I have to install the Follow Me printers for all Macs via Jamf. I already created a policy for the printer, now I should know how to create the printer via a script at the user. I know that it works with lpadmin but it...  View more

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Composer Helper

How can I stop Composer from asking to install the helper application every time it is opened? I'm running 10.26.1.Even though I enter admin credentials, it never seems to be happy.Is anyone else seeing this or is it just me?  View more

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IBM Aspera Connect

Does anyone else deploy this out to their users?If so, could you tell me your method. Composer does the job, but it could be cleaner.  View more

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Composer - Segmented DMG

Hello all, I am kind of new to Jamf and the macOS world, so please bear with me.Back in October/November 2020 we were able to create a big Adobe CC package with this guide:https://soundmacguy.wordpress.com/2018/09/17/uploading-large-packages-greater-...  View more

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Antivirus with DMG installer and arguments

We moved to a new antivirus named DeepInstinct and they provided a DMG file for installation. During install there is data need to be entered (for example server address and tags). Please see pic below. Command line install instruction from vendor is...  View more

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Wrapping a .app in a arm compatible package.

Hey all, I am struggling to get this new AMR process down pat. I have a universal app that I need to install from a policy. the issue is rosetta2 isn't installed at this stage and while the app is ARM compatible the package isn't. Does anyone know a ...  View more

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Package Failure

Hey guys I am at my wits end on this one too. We are trying t push out a new package to install NWEA Lockdown browser .I built the package in Composer, basically a dmg with a drag to the applications folder, and also created a PPPC to allow access to...  View more

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Osquery Package Deployment & Installation

Hello All,I have a Osquery .pkg < https://osquery.io/downloads/official/4.5.0 > file that I want to deploy across our classrooms Mac's but I'm not able to figure out a process as to how to do this, what I want to do it is copy the .pkg to the desktop...  View more

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Configuring Beyond Compare

Im wondering if anyone has deployed Beyond Compare and also tried to lockdown any settings ?Beyond Compare stores the settings in an XML file under the Users location in /Users/Username/Application Support/Beyond Compare/BCPreferences.xml The file do...  View more

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Replace files in a package?

I have a package that I need to replace/edit a couple of files in, is there a quick/easy way to do this without having to install the package to its absolute destination location? Specifically, I have a package that contains a folder "/Library/Applic...  View more

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Create package in Composer without snapshot

From time to time when we build packages in composer, we know exactly what needs to be in the package. So there is really no benefit of going through the process of taking the snapshots which can save a lot time for Jamf admins. Is it possible to sim...  View more

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