FV2 Hibernate crashes instead of waking up

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I have FV2 enabled on a number of machines. A few of them are working fine. A few of them are "going to sleep" (hibernation mode) and then when the user goes to wake it up, have to hit the power button, log in 2 times, and then get messages that the apps closed incorrectly. We are not seeing an OS kernal panic screen or a note from the OS saying it crashed and here is a report. When it crashes, we loose any open work.
Anyone else come across this or know of a solution?


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did you ever found a solution for this issue, as we are seeing the same in our environment, settings are as follows:

pmset -a darkwakes 0

Destroy File Vault Key when going to standby mode. / device is fv protected when device sleep

pmset -a destroyfvkeyonstandby 1

enable hibernation after sleep

pmset -a standby 1

seconds to go to into hibernation after device slept for X seconds

pmset -a standbydelay 1200

store memory content to dump file on consistent storage (disk) and power off memory

pmset -a hibernatemode 25

Any ideas, why the machine allthough it should go to hibernate, starts from a normal boot.

When doing pmset -g there is an error:
Sleep Failure [0xFFFFFFFF0400001F]

Many thanks for your help

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One more thing to add, I found this article and followed the instructions, but for some reason it still does not work....


Would be great if someone can respond if you have the same issue, after all the changes the current setup looks as follows:

pmset -a darkwakes 0
pmset -a destroyfvkeyonstandby 1
pmset -a standby 0 pmset -a standbydelay 0
pmset -a hibernatemode 25
pmset -a sleep 30
pmset -a displaysleep 2
pmset -a womp 0
pmset -a acwake 0
pmset -a lidwake 1
pmset -a ttyskeepawake 0
pmset -a autopoweroffdelay 1200
pmset -a autopoweroff 1
pmset -a disksleep 10

Cheers MS