Gammarly Add-in for Word

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Hello all,

I have only recently (within the last month) started using Jamf Pro. Recently, one of our clients has decided that they need Grammarly installed on all their macbooks.

I have already used the Mac App Store section in Jamf Pro to deploy the Grammarly extension for Safari.

My Question; how would I go about deploying the Microsoft Word Add-In for Grammarly through Jamf Pro?

I am in the process of digging through documentation to see if this is possible but I also wanted to reach out in case the community had done this before.

Thanks for any answers!


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Its an Office Add-in.
Pretty sure at some point MS are stopping injection based add-ins to all Office apps, I know its going to be stopped for Outlook.–-planned-update-for-injection-based-plugins-dc6f9490-da7d-4d35-8793-835636b954d5

I think you best option is to ask the user to follow this or deploy via O365