GarageBand Essential Sounds Install from Self Service

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I am trying to update our method of deploying out the essential sounds for GarageBand through Self Service. In the past, I had leveraged the Carl Ashley AppleLoops script (it worked great!). After Apple removed Python from the base installation of macOS, I had been limping along with installing Python on the devices that were needing the sounds. This has posed other complexities.

Currently, I am testing out installing all of the sound packages needed for the Essential Sounds from a cached copy of those packages on the laptop. This has not produced the desired results yet. The user is still prompted to install the sounds when launching GarageBand. All of the sounds that should be available from the Essential Sounds are present in GarageBand. The loops have also been reindexed in hopes that would resolve the issue.

I would appreciate any help that anyone has to offer.



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Im also trying to deal with this at the moment

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Reach out to your Apple SE.  Something was mentioned in a recent Apple session I attended - not sure of the "agreements" for sharing...


Hi, Curious if you ever found a way to address this?

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I am just now facing this as well. Was really hoping for a solution that wasn't "download and package all of the essential files."

I totally understand that!  We gave up, because it was only a limited number of computers that we needed it on, and I sent a tech to each machine to just log in and start them.  Thankfully, they are per machine and not per user if you are in a multi-account environment.

I am almost there. We only have one class that has specifically requested to use GarageBand, so that's only 20 computers... but I fear as soon as one class starts using it, others will follow, and that could expand to as many as 100 more computers. Oye!

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I have followed several different methods that I have found online to resolve this issue. The solutions that Apple has provided me also have not solved the issue for me. Our environment is too large to have our techs enter in admin passwords for each user who would like to use Garageband. At this point Garageband is mostly unused in our environment due to the installation issues.

If I do find a solution that works for us, I will certainly share it out with everyone.