Getting the Jamf Pro installer onto a Linux server

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I'm curious how everyone who has Jamf Pro deployed on a Linux server gets the installer loaded onto the server. Since I moved from a Mac based server to Linux in early 2018, I have been downloading the Jamf Pro installer for Linux to my Mac, then I use secure copy to get it into the Linux server. Is there a better way? In the past, I have used wget to download software to Linux. That requires a download URL. The Jamf Pro Installation and Configuration Guide for Linux simply says to "copy the Jamf Pro Installer for Linux to the server". It does not state the method for getting it there.

So, how is everyone getting the software to their Linux server? I'm asking because I'm trying to make upgrading Jamf Pro easier for my team.


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Yeah just `scp` it or maybe store it in internal systems where you could just `curl` it or what not from the Linux hosts.  you can alternatively look at Linux orchestration/configuration management tools to handle this, just gotta build the order of operations jamf infra needs to complete this

Right after I posted this I thought about the fact that we can't get the installer without logging into our Jamf account. That would make methods other than SCP more difficult. I thought about this while uploading the Jamf Pro installer to my servers.

I think someone wrote an app/binary/script that will connect to your jamf account and download the installers, but I cannot recall what it is. There are also tons of tools like Ansible, Chef, Puppet, and SaltStack (etc etc), that can help with automation. You will have lots of options to explore