Global Proxy Woes.

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Hi JAMF Wizards,
I have another issue.
Here's a run down on what happened....

We're looking at shared ipads
Noticed that they were not working on the school wifi.
Thought I'd try a global proxy. Type Auto, set our PAC file, left Direct Connection and Bypass unticked.
Scoped to a single ipad/all users.

NOW... for what ever reason... it started downloading to a bunch of ipads (16 in total before i un-scoped the profile)

So, I am thinking that leaving the Direct Connection & Bypass unticked has kicked me here, as all these ipads that received this, can no longer access anything.

Aside from Wiping the devices, is there an option removing the MDM profile? Updating the devices? getting them online bypassing the global proxy.

I've tried VPN's, Bluetooth Pairing, plugging into AC2 and placing a generic enrollment profile (wont let me over write the old one)

Please help!? πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„



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The reason it happened is "Scoped to a single ipad/all users" is an OR so you began sending it to all users. The next time you would want to retain Specify User and then don't specify any and it'll go just to the iPad.

Have you tried an ethernet connection and/or High Sierra internet sharing?