Google Calendar /Contacts account not sticking on iOS devices

New Contributor

We are experiencing a weird behavior where the Google Calendar and Contacts disappear from our native apps, and when we try to add it back, we get a grayed out screen and cannot proceed with the setup.

Follow the information gathered:
-Affected users: at least 5 users.

  • We turned off 2-step One Login verification for the account enabled.
  • Less Secure Apps Allowed.


-Steps to Reproduce:
1.On their iphone, go to Settings/Calendar / Add Account
2.Select Google
3.Select Continue
4.Enter the google work email address
5.get redirected to OneLogin for authentication
6.Enter email address
7.Enter password
8.Authenticate with OneLogin Protect
9.This screen loads (grayed out) and swipes back to the start screen after a few seconds

  • Issue can be reproduced: -- Different Device (OS up to date) -- Different network.