Google Chrome iOS App Configuration?

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Is anyone aware of any app configuration for the Google Chrome iOS app? Our district is wanting to see if we can manipulate settings in Google Chome for iOS. We have Google accounts and can edit some configs for user settings, but was looking for more options through the JSS possibly.

Also, is there a library of information out there with other apps with this app configuration?



I have not tried this yet.

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Any further development or solutions?


Last I read Chrome for iOS removed App Configuration.
Microsoft has stepped up and there is App Configuration support for the chromium version of Edge for iOS

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I can confirm that it is possible to apply <key>CloudManagementEnrollmentToken</key> in your Jamf Mobile Device App for Google Chrome and have your device and managed browser appear in the Google Workspace --> Devices --> Chrome --> Managed browsers.

BUT, when you dig a little deeper, it is NOT possible to manage any Chrome browser settings on iOS like Homepage or BrowserSignIn according to their documentation. For example -

If the policy is set to "Force browser sign-in" the user is presented with an account selection dialog and has to choose and sign in to an account to use the browser. This ensures that for managed accounts the policies associated with the account are applied and enforced. The default value of BrowserGuestModeEnabled will be set to disabled. Note that existing unsigned profiles will be locked and inaccessible after enabling this policy. For more information, see help center article: . This option is not supported on Linux, Android or iOS. It will fall back to "Enable browser sign-in" if used.