Google Drive With Pre-Configured Settings

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Hello, I'm trying to figure out a way to deploy Google Drive pre-configured to sync specified folders (Desktop & Documents). 


I found some documentation Google provides, but it doesn't have any information on this. Has anyone set this up before?

Main goal to use google drive to sync files for users who log in without needing to do much but sign in to google. 


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Looking for the same but I don't think this is something Google Supports. 

Now looking back at this post, i've actually found a JSON file that may work as a configuration profile in Jamf. You just need to upload it as an external Config file using "" as the domain for it. 

Google Drive Custom JSON 

This should at least allow to control which domains can login and force auto start plus some other settings that can be played with. 

Not what I would like but at least has some control. 

I located that JSON as well, however in my testing with it, it doesn't appear to work for me. The domain control and force auto start are nice, but in my initial testing, I was able to log in with my personal email (not authorized), and I was able to turn off the force auto start. Let me know if you get it to work on your end though I would be very interested to hear about it. 

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@jasonh11 can you share how you configured auto start and force to start?

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@jasonh11 I would also love to see how you set up auto start and force start please...

@shalas i am suggesting use the Login and Background items to manage the auto start