Google G Suite SSO with Jamf Cloud Sample Config

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We are new to JAMF Cloud and would like to integrate our Google G Guite as our identity provider with our JAMF Cloud instance.

We got the following link

Followed the steps, but got app_not_configured_for_user 403 SAML2 error.

Anyone has a sample config template that works? Thanks for your help.22ef9a6548c3476d90514a33a392bc54



I am getting the same response

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New Contributor II

I've been experiencing the same issue. Anyone have any luck with this?

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You need to turn on the service on the G Suite admin SAML App. It's not automatically turned on for the organisation and you need to turn it on or else it doesn't work.

Another useful tip for others encountering this error and then having issues signing in to the Jamf Pro Server using SSO - create a new standard user with admin privileges with the username being the email address associated to your gmail account - boom, you can login using sso to the server with admin rights.


Popping this back up again, it appears the only Self Service for JAMF is the IOS app. Is there more information on the Desktop app?