Google Meet on iPad

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Our school is extending spring break for two weeks and we are using a distance learning program that requires students and teachers to connect via Google Meet.
We have a managed 1:1 iPad program , which has removed the App Store from the iPads.
Since the App Store has been removed, downloading the Meet app is not an option and since the students are off campus, they cannot bring the iPads in to have the app installed.
Is there a way to use Meet in the browser on an iPad?


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You could make a Web Clip available that links to the Meet site.

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Are these managed by Jamf? Or some MDM?

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If you are using Jamf, you can purchase licenses with VPP, then assign the licenses to the devices and Auto Install the app.

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Did that won't install

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If you have purchased via ASM ABM and deployed to devices did you check the the field to use VPP account?

Do you have a policy to restrict certain applications (age?)

Please provide us more information.

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Exactly more information is needed. Is your Jamf Pro instance on premise or is it Jamf Cloud? You seem to allude to the fact that they must be on campus to receive install commands.