Google SSO Self-Service Enroll and computer assignment

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I have enabled Google Apps SSO into JAMF Cloud and interested to allow users to self-enroll their machines using https://jamf-cloud-instance/enroll.

SSO is working fine but when the users get toJAMF page it asks who to associate device to. This dialog never succeeds (only get a black X at right of dialog) and only way I have found to move forward is to clear dialog. This results in machine being enrolled but unassociated to any user.

Are others seeing this? Do I have to setup users in advance when using SSO for enrollment? I have a Python script to sync from Google to JAMF based on email (all Google users are set up as JAMF users using email) but I have not created JAMF accounts (and don't want to...because SSO)



I am interested in finding this out as well. @nycnewman any chance I could get a copy of your python script? Willing to pay beer, or money.


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I have a support ticket in to JAMF for this and working to see what the issue is.

Script is very basic but uses Google API and JAMF APIs. I'll see what can be done to make it presentable.

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Seeing this also. seems like a fail. I really want this to work.

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Any updates on this?

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I would also like to take a look at your script as we are having a token issue where if the user is already logged into their gmail account and try to access the enroll site they get an access denied.