Grab some additional data (like battery level) from iOS (iPad) device.

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Hello guys,

I need to grab some data from iOs (iPad) devices, like battery level and location. How can I do that? The standard inventory request doesn't provide such information.
And, as I understand, there is no way to use scripts on iPad to populate the Extension Attributes. Am I right?

I will really appreciate any help!


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Battery level is collected on Inventory, it's located on the Hardware tab.  Location data is only available for devices that are placed in Lost Mode.

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 11.48.44 AM.png

Scripts cannot be used in Extension Attributes for mobile devices.

Thank you for your answer.

Let me specify my question. I'm looking to obtain this information either via MobileDeviceCheckIn event (I'm using webhook) or via some Jamf API call. In case of an event, my webhook provides me the data below:

"{\"webhook\":{\"id\":1,\"name\":\"MobileDeviceCheckIn\",\"webhookEvent\":\"MobileDeviceCheckIn\",\"eventTimestamp\":1653067599984},\"event\":{\"udid\":\"82b53ce7dklsjflksjhnfkljhdlasjhlkas\",\"deviceName\":\"Some device 3 - J262\",\"version\":\"14.6\",\"model\":\"iPad7,1\",\"bluetoothMacAddress\":null,\"wifiMacAddress\":\"W4:F6:2C:5A:2A:91\",\"imei\":\"\",\"icciID\":\"\",\"product\":null,\"serialNumber\":\"262\",\"userDirectoryID\":\"-1\",\"room\":\"\",\"osVersion\":\"14.6\",\"osBuild\":\"18F72\",\"modelDisplay\":\"iPad Pro 2nd Generation (12.9-inch Wi-Fi)\",\"username\":\"\",\"jssID\":11,\"ipAddress\":\"\"}}"

There is no Hardware section here.

So my question is if is there any way to obtain battery level (or any additional information from the Hardware section) using events or webhook, for iOS devices. Without using Jamf Pro Web interface.


Thank you.