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Hi everyone, Our GSX lookups are no longer working in Casper since Apple changed the
site services. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? It appears that
we still have web service available to us. Do we have to re-apply for a
newer web services permission?

John McLaughlin
Technical Support Specialist
Newton Public Schools


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What you really need is to change to Fortunately the basic login & warranty lookup APIs have not changed, and neither have their namespaces.


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I just checked and received this error

GSX Lookup problem: Your account has been migrated to the new version of GSX. ?Please use


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Okay, thanks

John McLaughlin
Technical Support Specialist
Newton Public Schools

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I get a similar GSX error message in the JSS when looking up purchase data. I don't know if the hostname for GSX is hardcoded in the Tomcat code or stored in a database record in the JSS MySQL database. If we knew where it was located, we might be able to change it ourselves while JAMF works on a permanent fix. I notified JAMF weeks ahead of the GSX site update and they indicated they were unaware of the upcoming changes.
Walter Rowe, System Hosting
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Try redirecting<> to<> in your server's /etc/hosts file.

Jared F. Nichols
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