Guesses on the cheapest version of the new Mac Pro?

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Dangit! it's 6k

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I'm more interested in knowing what a well-equipped version would cost. And, of course, who doesn't always go in and configure the maxed out edition "just to see?"

Between it and the six 6k monitors at $5k you could easily push upwards of $50k. I'd bet the top end could reach $75k... especially at Apple's RAM prices, the thought of 1.5T might require a mortgage all by itself!

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They told us that the baseline model is 6k. That includes:
3.5GHz Intel Xeon W ~$2,500 (total guess but I cannot imagine these costing more than that for an EIGHT core)
8 cores, 16 threads
Turbo Boost up to 4.0GHz
24.5MB cache
Support for up to 1TB 2666MHz memory
(btw I can't find this exact spec processor for sale right now, that 24.5MB cache is very high for a xeon 8 core)

Radeon Pro 580X ~$300
32GB RAM ~$300
256GB SSD ~$100

Add that up ($3,200) and subtract from $6k = the empty case + motherboard costs $1,800 dollars!

My guess that new design is about a $1,000 case and the motherboard about $800 for the 8 core.

The 28 core Xeon should cost around $5,000 for cpu alone, maybe a bit more.
Let's go with a 'reasonable' 256GB RAM and say that's $2500 (128GB stick of ddr4 2933mhz) x 2 = $5,000 (lol)
Motherboard guessing price around $1000
THat case has to cost apple about $1000 (from my guesstimate above)
1x Vega 2 = $1000 (probably a bit more)
2TB SSD = $500 (lowballing this again)

So a not-fully-upgraded mac pro will run around $13,500. I suppose what the best idea would be is, buy the 28core CPU with the lowest RAM and SSD spec you can and upgrade over time or through an OEM later on, that is.. if you can wait to upgrade.


OR, looking at this leak here:

You could get the 24core in hopes the motherboard can support an upgrade to the 28core later on (likely can) and upgrade RAM and SSD later on. I'm sure Apple's had some guys much more devoted than me to figuring out the best pricing, though, and have covered all their upgrade path angles.

Either way, I'm loving that case design. That price, though, wowza.... I have the old 12core 2012 Mac Pro ... going to be a hard sell for me.