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Just noticed in my dashboard that my patch management status indicator for Zoom has disappeared. Looking at the patch management item, it's still checked to appear in the dashboard... but looking at the list of patch management items, the publisher i... Has anyone else seen this? (You might need to replay it a couple times to catch it, focus on the 03:0... in the release date of last row and second from the top - for ...
FOLLOWUP - while the PI indicated does not in fact appear to be related to this issue I can confirm the browser UI now displays unique endpoint information instead of generic parent info again with Jamf Pro 10.36.1. Thank you to all who echoed my sen...
My organization is looking at using/favoring Edge because of its integration with o365. Most users currently seem to prefer Chrome, which imports nicely for users manually clicking some prompts in Edge.To import browser data from Safari to Microsoft ...
I have been waiting for these to drop as parallel to the released recently Catalina 10.15.7 Supplemental Update to build 19H15 and iOS 14.2 updates (and was surprised nothing happened within a week of that release since they patched active zerodays):...
I engineer automation processes to scale for enterprise needs, focused on streamlined UX, 9 years at Chicago Public Schools and 6 years now at CME Group, supporting Windows, AD integration of OS X, and iOS, ChromeOS devices. My spare time is spent ~~averting~~automating the robot apocalypse. I am tied for 319th place with 3 solutions with 120 other Jamf Admins. I am tied for 109th place with 60 kudos received with Nix4Life.