Guest User issues in Catalina and Big Sur

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I've seen a few other posts about this online, but we are having problems with the Guest User account not working on our Catalina and Big Sur machines. Guest is enabled and it shows in System Prefs that Guest is enabled. It just wont log in. I've tried disabling and re-enabling it via script, deleting the homefolder, etc, but it hasn't fixed it. So far the only way to fix it is to go into System Prefs and uncheck it and then check it again. That fixes it. I even ran Composer and did that to see what it was doing, but it found no changes. Does anyone have a solution for us?

Thanks in advanced!



Same issue. I've tried scripting also. However, logging in an admin, disabling Guest, then re-enabling Guest account is the only way I could resolve the issue.

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Modifying the OS version check in the following script (line 32) got it working for me in Big Sur (11.5.2): 

Also, change the $1 variable on line 105 to $4 so you can upload to Jamf & use parameter 4 to control enable/disable of the account.

Will give this a try. Fascinating.