hardware issue macbook pro retina mid 2014

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Hi guys bit of a weird issue im having at the moment with a laptop that doesnt appear to be booting correctly. it needs a nvram rest done to it. sounds easy enough but here is the problem it has an efi password on it and i have heard that by having efi password it doesnt allow the nvram rest to take place. i cant see any of the boot sequence at all but i know it is trying to do something because the fans come on. but no display only the back light (which is why i know it needs the nvram rest). so does any one know of a work around (i dont want to call apple because some of the people you get on the phone arnt on the same wave length and are just script readers) here are the things that i have noticed.

i can do a smc rest that works as it should
if i turn on the power and close the lid the apple stays on,
how ever if i hold down command r and close the lid the apple goes off (nothing on the screen and nothing when plugged into a extra monitor either) cant activate caps lock when i have the ability to shut the lid and it looks like it goes into sleep mode

any ideas? any way of do nvram rest with a efi password.

like i said its a pretty important laptop its an executives laptop


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@charter can you temporarily disable the firmware password to do some further trouble shooting with the device?

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@mpermann i cant disable it because it needs a nvram restart because there is no display only back light and the lcd is operating fine, how ever it is working now i found a work around by playing around with a couple of different charges to drain the cmos battery (it worked because the date got rest to the day that it came from the factory

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So we can assume both you and the executive do not know the EFI password?

In that case, I'd try following the appropriate steps here: