Has *anyone* gotten the Python from the API SDK to work?

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I wrote some python to talk to the JSS API but I get 400 errors every time, so I tried the sample that comes in the SDK download. Same problem. But if I take the same XML and send it up with CURL it works great. Could it be that the SDK was written with a newer py or urllib2 and it's not documented? I'm on 2.6.1.

Any guesses?


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I've never actually tried running it; I don't feel much like manually removing the sample data.

I did, however, attempt to convert the ObjC example into PyObjC. I'm not sure if it was successful, but I have yet to be denied a login (even an empty one) using it. Whether that problem occurs with the ObjC sample too, I don't know.

I hope you can receive tarballs.