has anyone seen this prompt popping up lately?

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We are MacOS 14.x and these started popping up. I feel like i am missing something here as I thought Apple had removed the need for admin elevation to update MacOS


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thats showing a shell script in the icon.. the macOS update dialog does not look like that.. are you running a script to update, rather that using the OS? authentication is not required as long as it all correctly configured.. 

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Could be a secure token issue? Not sure how you're updating since @jamf-42 is correct that it's a script icon and is not the default update GUI.

If the user does not have a secure token and is a volume owner they will not be able to update the machine unless they have admin credentials entered. You can check by going into Jamf Pro > The device > Users > FileVault Enabled - Yes, means they have the token. No, means they do not have a token and will not be able to update. It does say file vault but that's just a GUI issue in Jamf Pro.