has the jamf binary gotten corrupted?

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Ok, so weird situation with several of the Macs here:

I'm running a policy to detect the version of MS Office a Mc has and install appropriate updates, and on several I've gotten the following error in the policy logs for that Mac:

/private/tmp/determineOfficeLevel.sh: line 7: 690 Killed jamf policy -trigger UpgradeEntourage

I'm assuming the 690 is the process ID since it's different for every Mac.

This is the code that the policy runs:


if [ -e "/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Microsoft Word" -o -e "/Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Word.app" ]; then
    jamf policy -trigger UpgradeOffice
    jamf policy -trigger UpgradeEntourage

issuing a sudo jamf removeFramework to that client, then re-reconning it fixes the problem and I am able to run this policy successfully. However until I do so, it will fail with the exact same error every time.

I was wondering if there is a way to proactively find clients that need to be reinstalled and do so before I have a mess on my hands after the upgrade.