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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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App Configuration - Kindle.app iOS

I had an inquiry about configuring the Kindle app in iOS to automatically log into an account. I am thinking there is a way to do this via App Configuration, but am not familiar on how to do so.  View more

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Enrollment Progress Feedback Apps

Watching the Webinar Zero to Productive they mention SplashBuddy, aDEPt, and DEPNotify. Has anyone tried all three and can offer a comparison? It seems they all have their own pro's and con's. Any thoughts on how well they work, ease of maintaining/u...  View more

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Temporary Lockdown of OSX Major OS Updates

I'm looking for a way to block the major OS updates, ie. El Capitan to Sierra or Sierra to High Sierra, so we can not have our users update right away for security and program purposes. Not sure if it's even possible through JSS or if it needs to be ...  View more

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VMWare Fusion - VM can't install MDM profile

During enrollment via URL, my VM can't install the MDM profile. The attached error is displayed. *Profile installation failed. The profile "MDM Profile (com.jamfsoftware.encrypted-profile-service: 00000000-0000-0000-A000-4A414D460003)" could not be i...  View more

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Sophos Policies not applying

Hi Guys, I have created a policy with sophos central to make USB devices read only. This works fine on PC but not on the macs. I have applied the policy to 2 users only. In the events it says that a usb device has been restricted by your administrato...  View more

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Umanaged Mac following pre-stage enrollment

Trying to get a handle on what might have happened to one of our laptops. We had a machine that went through pre-stage enrollment this afternoon. The inventory record shows a local user account that was created plus our standard management account. T...  View more

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Cisco WebEx / Microsoft Outlook 16.13

I began noticing this after Microsoft released Outlook 16.13 a few days ago. If you send a WebEx invite using Productivity Tools and Outlook 16.13 without adding a message, it presents the invite to the recipient as raw html.The workaround is to add ...  View more

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Configure Apple Team ID in MDM Profile

I am able to get CBDefense to install just fine however with Apple newest updates we have to go to security preferences and hit Allow. They have a recommendation on their site for this issue it says: " For enterprise deployments where it is necessary...  View more

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Await Configuration Support

This is a topic that's come up a bunch lately in regards to customized DEP deployment workflows. Jamf has been relatively silent about it though. Can we expect support in the next few releases? Is it on any roadmap in the near term? If not, why does ...  View more

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iOS PreStage Enrollments: One-Time or Multiple Use?

Do you reuse your Pre-Stage enrollments for iOS devices or do you create a new Pre-Stage Enrollment for each individual purchase that is assigned from DEP? I am trying to figure out if I have the concept of Pre-Staging wrong with being able to reuse ...  View more

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Refreshing Application Folder

I am working on a script that will prep the Application folder for another user. This will remove all the user installed apps. I have been working on this for a bit and am having trouble finding my mistake. Im sure there are there are other ways to d...  View more

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Can't Push Configuration Profiles To iPad

Feel like maybe there's something stupid simple I'm missing. I've got an iPad enrolled in Jamf. It has the CA Certificate and the MDM Profile, but when I try to create and push a configuration profile to it, Jamf says it failed to push. What am I mis...  View more

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VPP question for Mac Apps

We have already purchased Logic Pro X with an Apple ID many years agoWe have only just signed up to DEP and VPP and have a lab of 20 macs that need Logic Pro X as part of the imageShould i just create a package with composer for Logic or is it worth ...  View more

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create a Kerberos .plist files

Hi, Does anyone know how to create a plist file for Kerberos? I currently have a krb5.conf that I need to be converted and then pushed out as a config profile. Hope someone can help  View more

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Cannot Delete Duplicate Entries in JSS

We have a few systems in JSS that appear to be incomplete and duplicates. When attempting to delete the incompleteduplicate entry we get an error that states "The page you requested could not be found". What if any is the best way to delete these ent...  View more

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How to push out plist file?

I have a package that just installs Chrome. Along with that I want to push out a plist file to /Library/Managed Preferences that sets some policies of how Chrome behaves. For example, show the home button and set the home page. If I manually place th...  View more

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Script runs locally but not through Jamf

If I open Terminal and run this command it works fine. In System Preferences...General it changes "Show scroll bars" to Alwaysdefaults write NSGlobalDomain AppleShowScrollBars -string "Always" I put this into a script in Jamf and attach it to a polic...  View more

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Advanced Mac Cleaner and variations thereof

I'm pounding out a very basic script to delete the various versions of Advanced Mac Cleaner. AMC has really become a pain since deploying Palo Alto Traps software. Users are getting malicious adware messages because of AMC with no means to clean the ...  View more

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Does the Security Update 2018-001 break DockUtil?

While in a QA environment I've tested the upgrade twice and each time updating the dock resets to the standard configuration nullifying the ability of dockutil. I'm assuming with the Kernel Extensions there's a funky permission I might be missing. An...  View more

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iPad Management Best Practices

My organization has been using Jamf for a little over two years and we manage about 500 Macs with it. Only just yesterday we enrolled our first iPad and I began playing with the different tools Jamf has for managing iOS. I feel very comfortable with ...  View more

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