HDCP issues

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Our company will shortly be offering Mac to the entire company. 

One issue we run into in some conference rooms is that the signal will either be blocked or flash and show green. We have narrowed the issue down to an HDCP issue. The issue can be resolved by configuring some settings in the scaler attached to the tv. The problem with this is, each room will need to be manually configured. I wondered if anyone has found a script or something that might allow us to disable HDCP on our Macs. So we don't have to configure each one of our 600 conference rooms manually. 


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@GiveEmHelms Not that HDCP isn't annoying, but if someone did have a script to disable HDCP on Macs it's extremely unlikely they'd post it in a public forum because there's no question that as soon as Apple became aware of it they'd take steps to block it. You might want to take the issue up with the vendor of your video scalars, and see why their default settings don't support HDCP.