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Hi All,  Hoping someone can help me.  I am trying to deploy large apps with Jamf Pro over 5GB, since i cant upload anything bigger anymore. All sort of PI's.... anyways...


I came across this post 


So it works... well kinda.  My app ends up being double in size. I'm like WTF?


So when i capture the segmented DMG's the total size = the size of the application.  around 11.3GB 

I get 3 files, i use composer to package them and deploy them to my destination computer (size between the 3 dmgs still around 11.3GB on the destination) 


then i run

hdiutil attach /Library/CCSU-Tools/MATLAB2021a/MATLAB_R2021a.dmg

cp -R /Volumes/MATLAB_R2021a/Applications/MATLAB_R2021a /Applications

hdiutil detach /Volumes/MATLAB_R2021a


Wen i look at the file size it copies its over 20GB, where is all this extra data coming from?  The application laucnhes fine (maybe a little slow i guess)


Any ideas?  What am i doing wrong?  Im double checking but i believe the attached DMG already shows double the size.




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@szultzie Here's a much easier mechanism for segmenting large .pkg installers for uploading to JCDS: https://github.com/kc9wwh/pkgChunker 

Do NOT attempt to use the pkgChunker installer available on the Releases page. Download the pkgChunker script, set the executable flag on the file, and run the script directly as described under Usage on that page.

Thanks ill give it a try. do you knwo if it would work with Adobe CC? its over 20GBs

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@szultzie pkgChunker only supports flat packages, and I don't believe the Adobe CC installer is a flat package

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Hi @szultzie - I posted a method in https://community.jamf.com/t5/jamf-pro/repackaging-matlab-with-composer/m-p/11976 that looks to work and produce a slightly smaller package for Matlab

Regarding Creative cloud - for people who have a machine they use all the time we just put Creative Cloud on and then they can install whatever they need from that.  For lab's we've packaged each individual App and push those out - no mega package.