help me understand how jamf pro works if the device is not on prem

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Hi I am failry new to Jamf. we have devices that are not checked it (mostly its because the users got it at home)
do we need to go to Jamf in cloud to be able to manage these Macs?



That's correct jamf cloud would be the way to go for this.

It will check in when and if they return to your site.

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no. you don't need JC. You need to configure your on premises Jamf to allow for external access, by means of jamf nodes / load balancer , depending on requirements. Thats said, JC does all this for you and provides additional functionality, JAMF Apps is one..  On prem is generally used for highly controlled environments where cloud is not an option or is a legacy install. 

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JAMF On Prem can be configured to function over the open internet. However I would suggest seriously considering JAMF Cloud. 

In short to make on prem JAMF work over internet you need a second JAMF Pro web app in your DMZ that devices externally can talk to, and this second JAMF web app redirects traffic to your existing JAMF Server and database.

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