Help with API for mobiledeviceconfigurationprofiles - including specific payloads

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Help would be appreciated.


When setting up mobile device configuration profiles there is the ability to setup restrictions and within restrictions there is an app option to only display specified apps.

Is this doable via the api? I know that creating  mobile device configuration profiles is possible but can you do it with implementing these restrictions?






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Configuration profiles are comprised of XML data and require special considerations when working them via the API. Since the Classic API requires XML for PUT and POST operations, we must encode the configuration payload contents so the API can differentiate between the XML of the request body and the XML of the configuration profile. 

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@Johns987 Thanks , your information was very helpful.

I'm new to this would appreciate if you could point me to documentation or a possible example.

Would my example of a creating a payload with the   restriction to only display specified apps,  be  realistic  thing to be created and submitted via code. I'm coding in Swift and would like to give the user the ability of creating configurations that would show only specific apps of their choosing.