JAMF in an MSP Environment


Hey Everyone, I work for a MSP and we are currently using JAMF to manage approximately 20 completely independent environments. In the past, we were using one JSS to manage all of our devices, until we were informed that Apple's EULA does not permit the use of a single Apple ID for multiple clients when setting up a push notification certificate. I was wondering if anyone had any workarounds or creative insight that might be easier than managing all of these JSS's independently. Thanks!


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You should get yourself into a CJA course. The course covers scenarios such as using a single server to host multiple JSS 'instances' among other things. Many MSPs are using this model as I understand it. Rather than hosting each JSS on a separate box or even a separate VM instance, you can use a single beefy server or VM and host out distinct JSS URLs and have each client point to the one they are assigned to, and each having its own database.
This does mean of course that you will have to log into potential 20 different JSS's to manage these clients, so that's something to be aware of. Not sure if that constitutes a showstopper for you or not.

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hi Guys, I am new to MSP Jamf - I am enrolling one intense for now - One Client - I am in the process of the enrolment - for the push cert , would guys suggest I use  the client ABA ( Apple business account ) or use the MSP ABA to create the cert ? how that will affect me in the future when I have more clients ? also I want things to be easier for me when we let go one of the clients - will the cert be used for the entire MSP account or it can be assigned to one instance   ?