Help with Configurator / JSS Enrollment of already deployed iPads


Hi there,

Here is our situation, we have ~20 ipads already deployed in a 1-1 scenario. They each have their own apple ids and have already downloaded their own apps and generated their own data on the devices. They have them backed up in iTunes.

We ran them through configurator to put them in supervise mode (which of course updates the device wiping it), set the profiles (enrollment / wifi) and ....

We thought that they could then restore from their backup, to bring all their data back, and we could connect them again to configurator to refresh them, which should put back on the profiles.

Configurator didn't like this, and provided the error message that it couldn't verify the supervision state and couldn't do anything.

Anybody found a workaround for this or a better way to do this so the owners dont lose their data?