Help with SQL Server Backup

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Hey Everybody!

We've got an old version of JAMF 9.97 that hasn't really had any maintenance paid to it in the past four years. Deployment policies have been running fine - we're an offline environment and all our machines have just been sitting on Sierra. BUT it's becoming clear that we are overdue for an upgrade, so I'm getting to it now.

I'm not completely familiar with how our JAMF server was spun up - we brought in some outside help originally.

Now, my issue I'm hitting is that I want to back up our SQL server before carrying out out the upgrade. But, when I run the backup utility, I get an error that I can't connect. So - I guess I'm stuck on step one of my big upgrade.

Apparently there is only one backup that was created, which seems to have been created the day after we set thing up in 2016 and then never again.

I don't know how to verify if the database is even running or not. The functionality of the JAMF suite has not been affected, so I guess it must be.

Checking the backup, there is a config XML file with the connection details and credentials I should be using. But I'm not sure where to go to check that they work. Popping in the same credentials into the backup utility throws a "cannot connect" error, so I ASSUME that means the SQL database is offline?

There is a mySQL console I can log into using the local admin password, but I'm not sure how to test against the database credentials from the config file.

I'm kind of at a loss and could use some help. If I would be better suited just reaching out to JAMF Support - that's a fair call. Figured I would ask around here first.

Server OS: Windows Server 2012 R2
JSS: v9.97
SQL: v5.6

Let me know if there's any further info I can provide! Thanks -


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Id engage support... they might be able to assist you better on this.