Hidden WiFi Config Profile stops working on some managed computer



We have deployed on our managed computer a configuration profile in order to pre-configure their WiFi connexion, which is a hidden SSID, with WPA/WPA2 encryption.

But it has happened many time that some of these computers stopped connecting to the said WiFi even though the profile was still on the computer. Forcing to manually set up the Wifi.

Any clues ?
Thanks in advance.



Did you ever find a resolution? having the same issue with both PSK and certificate based wifi.


Sadly, no. But I think this happens less and less lately. Still weird, I won't say the problem is really gone since I don't know why and how it occurred and why its less frequent.

We are also running into this same issue on a small handful of our devices. We have a hidden PSK network and some computers will randomly lose access to the network even though the configuration profile is still present. We have been manually removing and re-adding the config profile to get around this but wondering if you've had any other breakthroughs in the last year?

Since we haven't found a solution we tried to un-hide our SSID on some of our sites, and it seems like to help a lot.

As I saw on multiple forums and all, macs are bad with using hidden SSIDs on the long term.

For me i have a small amount of devices (under 50) so i just put a mobileconfig profile with credentials on it manually. My SSID is still hidden and it works perfectly fine.

Jamf support was never able to figure out why this kept happening for us, but this issue fixed it on the macbooks. The ipads have zero problems with connecting to wireless the same exact way. They never lose their credentials, profiles or connection.