Hide apps from the Self Service app but make them installable through the selfservice URL trigger

New Contributor

We have over 100 iOS apps in our Sales Demo portal that we want to distribute using the Self Service URL scheme. Each demo app has its own page/site in the Demo Portal.

Here is the workflow for how users would install the app on their iOS devices
1. Users go to the web page and find a specific demo app in the Sales Portal that they would like to install
2. They open the web page for that demo app and would see an "Install" button
3. Users would click on the "Install" button (which has the Self Service URL schema to install behind it)
4. The demo app would be pushed to the user's device that is enrolled in Jamf.

However, we do not want these apps to show up in the Self Service iOS app (because we have over 100 apps and it would be confusing for users to search for apps on their mobile devices), but want users to initiate the app install from the Sales Demo portal.

Is it possible to install iOS apps using the Self Service URL schema, but hide the apps from the Self Service iOS app that gets installed on users mobile devices?