High Sierra AD Login Issue

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I know there is a known issue with High Sierra and AD that is affecting versions of the OS. I have a few users who log on for a few days to an AD account and everything is fine. But then out of the blue when the computer goes to sleep or at restart they are not able to log back in.

Do we have any idea when this bug will be fixed?

It is affecting my ability to roll out High Sierra to all my users.




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I understand this might not be the answer you're looking for, but I strongly encourage you to consider dropping AD binding and mobile AD accounts in favor of local accounts and using something like NoMAD to handle the password synchronization. I had gotten to a point where the amount of times AD binding failed or caused login issues was just maddening. I'm done with it. It might be considered "mature" on the macOS, but it's still buggy as heck and not worth the trouble. And even if/when Apple fixes it, expect it to break again in some other way (or same way even) on another OS release. You will be playing this waiting game with Apple constantly to get these issues addressed.

Again, probably not what you were looking for, but then, no-one here is likely to know when Apple will address any known issues. Plus, you're talking about High Sierra, and Apple is on to Mojave at this point. Don't hold your breath on them addressing it in 10.13.x.