High Sierra imac Late 2017 Problems, (beachball, consant frezzess)

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Good Day,
I got a new iMac 2017 thats been an nightmare for me. I always get the beachball. I am even on the desktop creating a new folder or renaming something, I get beachball and everything crashes. Force quite doesnt work either says finder not responding but I cannot restart it. Only way to do this is by holding down power button. Sometimes when using preview I get beachball then I see finder is frozen again.
What I tried:
1.Clear App Caches
2. Disconnect all USB devices or anything not necessary
3. Hardware diagnostics (found nothing wrong with the hardware)
4.Took in to Apple Store (They did reinstalled OS X) I took it home and after using the computer for 30min, the same behavior came back
Apple is saying nothing is wrong with the computer.

I am really really stressed because I need to get work done and cannot continue using this machine in this way. my 7 year old iMac works much better then this.

Any advice would be wonderful.

Thank you


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Since it's a new iMac you likely don't have many files on it, is that so?

If you can afford to wipe, see if the disk can zero out with the 7-pass erase, then reinstall 10.13 and see if that helps. I've seen cases where drives seem to be functioning but when asked to actually zero-out they fail.

Also, stick with HFS+ Journaled format if you can - APFS is still glitchy...

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APFS is still glitchy

Dont want to hijack this thread, Can you expand on why you think AFPS is still glitchy. Just want to know what you have seen so I can keep an eye out for it.

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Glitchy...sorry if that was vague. My reservations about APFS conversion center around that Apple really hasn’t yet delivered on some of the promised support for Fusion drives and other services like Time Machine:


I’ve had good luck with it overall onsite here as the file system for SSD drives even given other admins words of caution:


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It seems that it's a hard driver issue or memory issue .