iOS Wi-Fi Access


Currently looking at better ways to manage our iPad's. The current process is to use configurator to reset the iPad each time it's plugged back in (this doesn't always occur).

What we're finding is the authenticated Wi-Fi access is being stored between sessions. Example Studenta uses the iPad in the morning logs into Wi-Fi and works fine. Studentb uses the iPad in the afternoon but doesn't need to Authenticate as Studenta's credentials have been stored.

Possible solution is to provide a generic account with Wi-Fi access and set this account up on each iPad. This isn't the preferred method and will have fierce resistance.

Is there some way we can prevent credentials being stored using a configuration profile. Even if it's just the password, something to re-prompt for new credentials. I've looked at the One-time password option but our backend infrastructure doesn't support it from what I've been told. Could this be used anyway?


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HHmmm... you could setup the WiFi in Jamf Pro without a password given in the configuration profile. Then the WiFi is stored on the machine should ask for the password credentials. Never tried it to be honest, so you should test this "solution" first.

Why do you want to avoid to store the credentials with the configuration profile?


Thanks for the suggestion, so far it hasn't been successful.

As these devices are used by multiple people we would prefer that each individual user logs into the Wi-Fi using their own credentials it's useful fro auditing if/when required as to web sites accessed etc.