Hosting JDS on same machine as JSS

New Contributor

We are in the process of moving our JSS from Windows to OS X (El Capitan with Server 5.1.5). We are currently in the setup and testing phase to make sure everything works before re-enrolling all of our machines (summer project).

The installation of JSS is fine. Installed a JDS on a different machine just to test. Have a bit of configuration to do because of the 5.1.* issue, but it enrolled with the JSS without problem as the Root instance and master distribution point.

Went to look and a JDS instance was installed with the JSS (understand that that is default), however it never enrolled. (The /Library/JDS structure was in place as well as the jamfds binary.) Decided to use the JDS package installer to install over that. However, it fails to complete the install with "Invalid JSS user account" error. (Tried 4 different VALID accounts: two standard, two LDAP).

I suspect this also has something to do with the 5.1.* issues, but since the JSS is working, I hate to mess with it.

We've decided that it's not a good idea to run a JDS on the same machine anyway, but I'm curious and can't find a solution.