How are Monterey and JAMF playing together?

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Hello Hive Mind,


This is my first post and I am simply hoping for some feed back from those of you that have moved your fleets into Monterey.  I work at an Indepentent school and the last thing we want to do is allow our Faculty and Staff to upgrade to Monterey and have connections in Jamf fail.  Have any of you experienced any issues thus far?  Do any of you us SmartBoards and what has been the outcome with the compatibility?  

I am hoping to get positive reviews and allow the upgrade to commence prior to Winter Break on the 20th.  I look forward to your insight and knowledge base responses.



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While we are still piloting Monterey, no problems here. We are about to green light Monterey as the default for all new builds with upgrades happening in Q1 2022

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@JulieLB I can't speak to SmartBoard compatibility, but when it comes to Monterey compatibility with Jamf Pro I'd say go for it as long as your Jamf Pro instance is up to date (I'd recommend 10.33.0 at a minimum, and preferably 10.34.0)

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We have restrictions in place right now to allow only the latest version of Big Sur to be installed in our district due to testing requirements by the state.

Our students have online state testing toward the end of the school year, therefore, we really don't have a chance to update to any major software updates unless the company that provides the testing app is compatible with it. 

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No issues to report here for our faculty or staff. As long as you have the proper PPPC and a recent build of the Learning Suite, SMART Board compatibility should be the same as it was with Big Sur.  As long as you have 600 series USB boards or higher you should be fine. Doesn't hurt to have a tester machine to confirm on your end though. 

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no issues here

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I see that you are having positive response to Monterey.  I am also checking on a school sight about the SmartBoard response.  We have found the the SmartBoards and Macs have a tenuous relationship so we are rather hopeful that Monterey responds better than Big Sur and Catalina.  

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See my post above. As long as you have the proper PPPC in place you shouldn't have any issues. The Learning Suite software needs to be fully updated as well.  

The relationship issues that started in Catalina were due to the then new privacy preference policy, kext removals, etc. and they'll continue to be the same for Monterery as well. Just need to roll with the punches and ensure your clients are properly configured.

I will bring that to the team.  I am not sure what was put into place for the Smart software.  I just transitioned into this position at the same time these were being installed.  Thank you for this insight.  I hope that is our issue so that it can be resolved.