How are people deploying OneDrive these days

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It sounds like a stupid question I know, but we went from a pkg to an AppStore installation. Now we're being told by Microsoft to go back to a pkg download.

Now we are looking at having testers of the newer version which of course should be a pkg, but even for non-testers, they are referring us to the pkg vs. AppStore. When I asked about updates, they were recommending moving back to the management of updates also via pkg vs. and AppStore update. I am curious as to how others are doing this.


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I read somewhere that OneDrive will be incorporated into the MS Office installer soon. I'm guessing this is preparation for that?

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It sounds like that, but when I ask for an ETA on that, I get the Microsoft mumble. Essentially coming soon.

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Interestingly, I might do this as the App Store download is not loading the description into the Self Service install.
It's the old "null" problem again, so using a stand-alone would allow you to work around that one...

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In general we are sticking with the App Store solution but I find myself following the trends of the standalone as it seems to be able to manage more.

To address the elephant in the room though...Apple. I’m mainly going with the App Store version simply because one day they may well force everything to the App Store. I dread that day for a lot of reasons and it doesn’t seem imminent but even MS says migrating from one to the other on OneDrive May be messy.


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Package download. The app magically keeps itself updated. Installed an old version? It'll update automatically at launch!

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Office 2016 16.12 (with OneDrive) will be relased today (April 10 2018).

The kind folks on Slack indicate that deploying the stand-alone OneDrive package will replace the MAS version.

The stand-alone OneDrive app has its own update engine inside the app bundle (will not be using MAU engine).