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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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macos patch update best practice

Hello ,Need a suggestion with the macOS patch management.in our environment we are managing different OS version.Eg: we have 100 device with macOS 12 , 100 device with macOS 13 and respectively 100 device with macOS 14If we need to update patch in ma...  View more

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Application version control on Jamf patch management

Guys, I'm in learning phase of Jamf pro. I've a requirement that apps are getting updated to the latest version. Few days back had an escalation that after the Microsoft version upgrade unable to access outlook. So management need to get the applicat...  View more

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Establishing a Patch Management Maintenance Window

I've seen several posts about this, and have been struggling with it myself, but I finally found a way to create a sort of maintenance window for Patch Management policies. For our faculty and staff computers, we distribute patches through Self Servi...  View more

Screenshot2023-10-0511.54.48.png Screenshot2023-10-0512.09.51.png Screenshot2023-10-0512.08.08.png Screenshot2023-10-0512.08.41.png
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Patch Management does not show latest version

Hello everyone,I have an issue regarding patch management in Jamf Pro.Looking at my dashboard i see the following diagram with many "Unknown Version" that are actually more recent versions : The only action that works is to remove these tools from th...  View more

Chrome&brave unknown version.png
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How to secure Patch-Server

Hi, I'm currently in the works to host my own Patch-Server (https://github.com/brysontyrrell/PatchServer). But I question myself now how to keep it secure.How do you keep your's secure?  View more

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Suggested workflow for apps with frequent updates?

It's not practical to be packaging and deploying an application that updates every 2 weeks but our users require the latest build of the application. How can this process be automated? Specifically the application is Spark AR Studio, a new update is ...  View more

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Patch Management - Am I overthinking this?

I am taking over an existing JAMF environment and Patch Management is new to me, so trying to wrap my head around this and see if I am missing something or if anyone has any Patch Management tricks that make life easier. Let's use Zoom as an example....  View more

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macOS Vulnerability: httpd

One of the many tasks under my scope is patching of vulnerabilities on macOS systems. Recently every single machine has been flagged for having a vulnerable version of "httpd" to which there doesn't appear to be a path toward remediation aside from u...  View more

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Notifications for new software

Is there a way to send a notification to a user when there's a new version of software with a patch management definition? My goal is to provide a relatively unobtrusive notification that simply informs them of new software. It could be an email, a t...  View more

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Patch Management stays at 0% for OS versions

We use the patch management to keep track of the different version that people run for macOS.I noticed it didn't update latest available version (it was stuck on 11.2.3) I removed the one we have which is now marked as legacy.But the patch management...  View more

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Patch Management Dashboard

Hi, I've noticed that when patch management displays in the dashboard, it doesn't display the results in numeric order. Both the Version number and the number of Devices are out of order. Does this happen with anyone else's instance, or is there a wa...  View more

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Patch policy fails to download: -1001

I'm trying to run a patch policy to install a security update available in self service to a group of machines but all machines are coming back with the same errors in the logs: Checking for patch ID 17Executing Patch Policy macOS Mojave Error: Packa...  View more

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Problems with Zoom patching and Big Sur

Hi all! Just wanted to see if anyone else is running into issues patching Zoom with Patch Management on computers that have upgraded to Big Sur? I am getting a keychain prompt after the patch completes. I can run the same patch on a Catalina machine ...  View more

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macOS App Store Questions

I've seen other posts about moving away from O365 mac app store apps, but have some questions I didn't see answered. Like others, we tried to push O365 via app store and it hasn't worked as advertised. A lot of vpp error 72 time out issues when deplo...  View more

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Jamf Pro Patch Feed Updates

Today, we launched enhanced versions of many of our existing patch management titles with more granular breakdowns and definitions to make app reporting and patch workflows more flexible. This is especially valuable for customers who aren’t always ad...  View more

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Microsoft Remote Desktop Patch Management

Hi all, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this. I'm trying to use the Patch Management feature on Microsoft Remote Desktop (I found one in a community repository). The problem is that clients seem to report back a build number (? - I understa...  View more

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