How are you managing iPads in your School District?

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We are currently using Google as a Cloud identity provider to our JAMF Cloud Instance.

We have user groups set up in our Google admin dashboard
1. Student sets up iPad, enters schools issued google username and password during setup.
2. Apps are scoped to the appropriate LDAP groups within JAMF So for example: Chrome is scoped to "Student" LDAP Group in JAMF. Any student in that "Student" group in our Google Admin Suite will receive the app. This is great because it is very dynamic and any student can just setup any iPad and receive the apps they need based on the LDAP groups they are a part of.

The performance with this method (which we were told was a good way to do it) has not been very good meaning apps can take an hour or 2 to deploy. I like the idea of this workflow but the slowness of it is unacceptable.

So I am looking for ideas to accomplish this same type of dynamic workflow with or without LDAP. Maybe we are trying to be overly complicated.

What is everyone doing in their districts? Is anyone else using LDAP groups to scope apps?

Thanks in advance.