How can I prevent non-admin users from renaming their Macbooks on MacOS Sonoma?


We track Macbooks by name in Jamf but students are easily able to rename their Macbooks by going to System Settings - General - About, and then just clicking and typing over the name that we set. When I look in restrictions, there's an option to restrict the entire General section but we don't want to do that. I just want to restrict the About section in General to prevent them from renaming the Mac.  


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Removing admin access blocks most methods of changing the hostname. As for changing it in general, it's a configuration profile deploying the restrictions payload disallowing modifying the device name.





You have to uncheck that box, right? Our restrictions policy has that box unchecked, so they should NOT be able to change the name.

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Correct.  Also need to make sure the device is running macOS 14 or higher.  

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Yep, sorry I was lazy with my screenshots. And as @DBrowning pointed out the devices need to be on macOS 14 or better (This will apply to macOS 15 when it comes out later this year).