How do you request MDM features to Apple?

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I'm wanting to request MDM feature to Apple so that the MDM vendor like JAMF can implement in their product. Where do I go to report these features?

I've seen contact Apple's communication channel but not sure where to place these feature request. The enterprise AppleCare account manager told me to put a ticket in and have them convert to feature request but it seems tedious to put a support ticket in for feature request to be placed.


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I file bug reports in RADAR for feature requests. Dunno if it's appropriate to do so, but thats my tactic. Essentially I make the bug a missing feature.

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Many feel filing a RADAR is an instant black hole.

@tak10 Your AppleCare account manager is correct. Probably the best way to submit a feature request is through and submit a new case. Make clear it's a feature request in your comments. A tech will submit the FR for you to engineering if they're clear on the use case. Have done a few this way with success. Most other routes I've tried I feel have fallen on deaf ears.

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Dear Tim,

We use this thing called "MDM" and ...