How do you separate your DEP environment (iMac, MBP, Base, Department specific)


Im not sure if I should have one DEP program setup or two for MBP and iMacs. Also separate the pre-stage buy base and by departments (different software like adobe). How do you do it?


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Prestages for macOS devices have generally followed the AD OU architecture here.

iOS prestages are divided into Group, Shared, and individually assigned devices. Individual devices formerly had separate Prestages per device created by cloning. This allowed for individually enforced device names, but we've since transitioned to serial number naming.


I ended up breaking the pre-stages to Base MBP, Base iMac, Creative/Design MBP and Creative/Design iMac.

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For our iOS devices I do it by department.

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This is what I've been looking or. Right now we have a single mdm server setup in ASM, and all devices are auto populated into that server, so they sync to our JAMF Pro server. IT staff then find the device and populate it into a prestage on the JAMF server. Trying to find if it's quicker/easier to do it on the JAMF instance? or setup multiple site servers in ASM and then have staff populate devices there so they flow directly into a prestage on our mdm.