How long device is marked as "just enrolled"?

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In policy there is parameter called:
Enrollment Complete
Immediately after a computer completes the enrollment process

Do you know how long after enrollment device is not longer marked as "just enrolled"?

The reason why i'm asking as we have one policy that is based on department selection. Once admin enroll device he should select department for that device. And i'm wondering if there is a time limit in which policy trigger Enrollment Complete is not longer active?

and side question:
is there a possibility to make a popup on mac once enrolled to select department?




The enrollment complete trigger happens immediately after the enrollment process is over. So as you're installing the QuickAdd package, for example, the last thing the QuickAdd package does is run sudo jamf policy -event enrollmentComplete which will then run all Policies that have a trigger of Enrollment Complete.

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OK, thank you for the answer. Then if i want to use enrollmentComplete trigger again i just run a command that you provided.