How long to get machines into Apple School Manager (DEP)?

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We have Macs that get purchased from a 3rd party vendor and they informed me that it takes 1 - 2 weeks from when they are delivered until they show up in Apple School Manager. Waiting 2 weeks to set up a computer after it arrives is a bit much.
Does anyone else see delays this long in ASM?


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Our vendor adds them to ASM then they ship them. Never seen a delay at, nevermind 2 weeks.

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Yes, we had 50 MBA and 150 iPads shipped, our DEP was ready about 1.5 weeks later. We also call to push them to do it and it has been better before, but sometimes we need to call them to do it. :D

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We had a machine show up recently that was not in DEP. I emailed the vendor and within a few hours I got notified from Apple School Manager that the device was added. Our vendor does say about 24-48 hours but I think that's buffer time on their end so I have reduced expectations.

By the way, the Apple School Manager notifications are always before we receive the machines and they get shipped directly from the main distributor to us, not to the vendor.

Maybe look around and see if there is a better vendor?

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Unbeknownst to me, we had an order placed for ATVs through Walmart when Apple was backordered.
We are under construction at most of our schools, so double the chaos, double the fun!!
They arrived and were somehow dispersed and started showing up as NOT showing up in jamf! Since it was a small order (I think) I am using Apple Configurator 2 to activate them and choosing add to Apple School Manager.
It works, they go right in.
Not practical for big orders but a nice feature for rogue purchases.