How to access email id of user in non-AD environment?

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We develop software client for OSX. Installation boot strap process requires machine's user email id. We wrote a shell script, this script reads email from AD, it is scheduled at user logged-in on JSS server. It works fine.

In new deployment scenario, all the machines are enrolled with JSS and machines are neither attached to AD nor to any directory server (ldap).

We are looking some help from JSS side to fetch users' email id. Having searched over Internet, I found, JSS provides HTTP APIs to fetch different info from JSS but could not get any API which can be used to fetch logged-in user's email id.

I would like to know:
1. Does JSS maintain user email address whose machine is enrolled to JSS?
2. If yes, is there any API to fetch email address based on logged-in user name, machine uid or any object which distinguishes one user/machine to other user/machine?

Running JSS version is 9.81.1443580643.c.

Anand Choubey


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Hi, from the JSS side it relies on an LDAP server.

The only alternative would be to read the local preference file to determine what email account is configured and get the username.