How to add apps to groups of ipads

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Does anyone know how to add apps to groups of ipads? I have several groups representing grades ( I work in a school district) for ipads. If I have 7 ipads per grade and I want specific apps for those 7 ipads, how do I set it up in jamf pro?


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You would want to be setup with Apple School Manager where you would acquire content (apps).
Then in Jamf Pro go to Devices, Mobile Device Apps, Select the App. There you would configure how it's deployed (auto install, or via Self Service), select the VPP tab and assign content, then in the Scope tab you would assign the group(s) or individual devices.


I think the question is how can you assign multiple apps to a single group, like you can do it in JamfSchool. Cause there can be multple situations for the same app. Like if I want a group to be the app installed automatically but for others it should be availble in the Store..