How to add iOS Apps to Apple Silicon?

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So I am trying to install GarageBand iOS on an Apple Silicon device. But I get this error.
"Media lookup returned no results for this platform" 

I used this guide.

Is there a better way?



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Hi, despite of that article none of the Jamf products support Catalyst apps correctly. This is an outstanding issue since long.

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This feature has been available since Jamf 10.30.... over a year ago. I'm having the exact same issue as wlevan... any comments jamf?

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Haha a comment from Jamf, that made me laugh. A ton of people have been asking Jamf to provide an option for MFA on cloud hosted servers yet there is no response from Jamf.

I think it's going to take a major security breach and egg all over their face before anything is done.

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As at 28 July 2022 Jamf support have told me they are aware of the issue, and it's with the developers. I was able to have it working for about a month in March but then it stopped working an now I get the "Media lookup returned no results for this platform" 

Those machines that I was able to get apps installed on are working fine. Tech supports current work around is to install iOS app's manually using Apple ID's....  IMO Jamf shouldn't be even suggesting this feature if it doesn't work.