How to automatically install apps onto iPads

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I am an admin at a school, and I am trying to make it so I can install apps to certain classrooms with a push of a single button on Jamf. We created an Apple ID for all the iPads to use, but I noticed that apps will not install automatically unless "automatic update" is turned on for each iPad. This worked up until 2 classrooms later, when the Apple ID seemed to cap out on how many iPads the "automatic update" feature is on for.

My first question would be if I am going about this the best way? Is there a better solution for connecting many iPads to the app store?


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You will be better off assigning applications to devices or device groups.

You can have a static group (where you enter the serial number of each device) or a Smart/Dynamic group where you define the criteria.

Then Mobile Devices, Mobile Device Apps, app name, Scope you enter the group as the target. In the Managed Distribution you check mark to use VPP. In the General tab you have a way to distribute by "Making Available in Self Service" or "Install Automatically/Prompt Users to Install".

In your case you want the Install Automatically distribution method.

Take a look at this in Jamf Training Catalog:
VPP-Managed Distribution

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