How to delete User Installed Profiles ?

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I recently found a device with an unknown profile installed by an user.


 I don‘t know how to delete it or how to find devices with the same profile (smart group doesn‘t work)




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User installed profiles need to be dealt with on the device itself. Once dealt with you need to untick configuration profile installation in your restrictions profile(if one exists). While you're on the device you may need to do some app pruning as it's a good chance this profile provided a means to install apps outside of the official App Store.

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Actually I have the case the other way around. The MDM removes a user installed profile. It get logged in the activity log of the device that the profile will be deleted. In my case its a Mail profile. The Cal and CardDAV profiles are left on the device. The mail profile gets automatically removed. But I don't know any way to do a user installed profile removal. I only know the on device method...