How to extract year over year statistics from JSS?



Management wants historical reports, i.e. year over year growth statistics for number of Mac computers, number of apps, and pkg deployments.

Is there any easy way to extract such data from the JSS for specific timeframes, in this case year over year?



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got a data warehouse?

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Only if you haven't flushed logs.

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From what I've seen you need to extract the data ahead of time.

I normally extract all the data I want (through csv exports etc) and then have it flush the relevant logs. I started opening it in excel to look at the data but more recently went for a custom file maker database that cleans up some of the date fields and displays some more meaningful graphs.

So all entirely possible and there is some really rich data in there, but you need to export it at the right times to get what you are asking for.

If you only need counts of number of machines etc you could take a look at the APIs to automate getting the data out.